Bonjour des rives du St Laurent. Après 5h de route hier on est arrives dans un endroit au bord de l'eau qui s'appelle la Malbaie. Ben moi je la trouve très jolie cette baie. On est même allés à la plage hier. Maman a fait plein de jolies photos.
Aujourd'hui c'est déluge And co. Heureusement on a aucune activité de prévue. Les baleines c'est demain matin aux horreurs! Va falloir se couvrir parce qu'entre ici et Montréal hier il y a 10C de différence! Maman a mis les pulls sur le dessus de la valise!
Je suis de nouveau très sage. Mes nuits sont bien meilleures. Hier soir je me suis endormi a 9h30 et me suis réveillé à 7h15! Je dors avec mon papa et c'est trop bon. Maman elle a le lit a côté. Il est pas assez grand pour deux adultes! Du coup je me kiffe mon papa la nuit et maman s'étale dans le sien. Je vous laisse on prend la route!
A warm welcome from the banks of the St Lawrence river! After 5h of driving from Montreal we arrived yesterday in the little village of la Malbaie (the bad bay). But I really like that bay as there is a nice beach were I went yesterday to play with papa. Maman took some very nice pictures as well with the sun coming down.
Today though the water comes also from the sky. It's pouring, British style. It's going to rain all day! Fortunately we don't have anything special planned today. The whale watching is tomorrow at dawn! We're going to get warm clothes as we lost 10C between Montreal and here. Maman is bringing the warm clothes on the top of the suitcase and we are now wearing trekking shoes.
I'm not totally settled. After 4 difficult days I'm now sleeping well. I'm happier and calmer as well. Yesterday I went to bed at 930 and woke up at 715! Usually I go to bed at 8 and wake up at 6!!
I'm also enjoying the nice snuggle of my papa bear. We're sleeping in the same bed since our beds are too small for 2 adults. So Maman has one bed to sleep and spread like a star fish.
Well. On these good vibes were off again! Next stop is Tadoussac.